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  • Identification and acquisition oversight for CONUS and OCONUS product procurement

  • Full lifecycle contract negotiation with new production and stock material

  • Specialized and high-risk program procurement management

Rockwell Past Performance Sample

  • RPG-7 launchers and 7.62x54r linking machines for USSOCOM prime contractor

  • Body armor and medical gear for US film crews in Afghanistan 

  • OG-7V 40mm Grenades for US-allied government

  • Imported Anti-Tank Guided Missiles for a US defense contractor from Ukraine

  • Imported NATO ammunition for US defense contractors 

  • Custom 7.62x51mm Sniper Rifles to UAE Land Forces 

  • Procurement of non-standard ammunition for US defense contractors  

  • Design and export of a customized deployment package, including medical kit and ancillary support items for a US DOD contractor led training program in Jordan

  • Export of ammunition and weapons from the USA to Guatemala, Mexico, Thailand, Ghana and Canada for commercial, government and defense contractors

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To support a  prime contractor on a large bid, Rockwell partnered with a relatively unknown manufacturer in the design and manufacture of specialized armored vehicles to compete against established manufacturers, enabling the prime contractor to win a major contract.
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